Japanese Noodle Range

Product Description:

Orient Foods Japanese Noodle Range features variations of our signature Japanese Style Udon Noodles as well as Japanese Style Soba Noodles.

Orient Foods Japanese Style Udon Noodles is a healthy low-fat alternative made with top grade wheat-flour and contains NO preservatives. Great for either stir-frying or served in a hot soup. No rinsing or soaking required— our udon is designed to be cooked straight from the pack! Currently available in 3 variations: single pack, multipack as well as a meal kit with a delicious miso soup base.

Orient Foods’ cold soba noodles comes with fresh soba noodles, soba sauce as well as wasabi. It packs a complete meal that is convenient and simple to make. Our noodles provide that restaurant quality flavour all in the comfort of your kitchen!

  • Made in Korea
  • Quality ingredients guaranteed

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